...Aug 1st, 2007...

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NEWS: Aug 1st - Sorry the awards have taken so long to get posted, but they are now. I have been overwhelmed with other projects. :( I miss just pixelling. Anyways - thank you for all the amazing entries. And thank you to those who were able to help me vote. Congrats to the winners. First place - please let me know what you would like as I am pretty open for anything, it will just be alittle while before it's done. :( Thankx again. And nothing new to show - haven't had any time - though I have tons of requests and trades I am working on. I won't be taking anymore requests at all though and no more trades unless you finish yours first. I have had a few recently that don't end up finishing their end of the bargin after I've put the work in - so no more of that. *shakes finger* Lack of trust anymore. Ok, see ya.

July 17th - Contest is now closed. If, for some reason, you are in the middle of an entry and just didn't keep track of the contest or email me - then let me know now and I can wait a few days on voting. Otherwise, sorry - the contest lasted about 2 months - much longer then I expected it to. To anyone who entered - thank you for working on such a large base and getting me entries. I am so delighted to see all the stuff made on them - specially to the people who entered 2 entries! Voting/awards will be end of the week maybe? I have been out of town every weekend for some time and it's not letting up so...

Thought I would provide this information here. I am working my way to being a professional photographer and have recently become very busy and consumed by this passion. In the effort to follow this professional path, I will be moving some (very little) of the contents of this site into a site directed towards my art. I will have a seperate photogrpahy site and a seperate art site, containing some pixel art. As much as I love this type of art, it probably won't be such a focus for me anymore. So for the time being, the site will stay as is until I get the new one done (which will be a Flash site). I will not be uploading shop orders and gifts anymore - as much as I love doing that - it's consuming on a site that should be directed in displaying my own art. I may still have some guest dolls? I may still hold a contest every now and then? But it won't be a pixel art site anymore. I will probably be deleting stuff slowly, so if the site is all out of wack, you know why.