Haven't entered in a contest in awhile, nothing has really interested me... but the chance to enter Lostfish's contest for some artwork was worth a chance. I also thought it would be cute on this base, so why not enter it in her base edit contest as well. I tried to shade as simple as I could to match the image. Not something I normally do. I think it came out ok, but it was fun to do. I plan to do another for her contest.

(base by graphic dolls, edit by me)

This was done for a base edit contest. When I saw the base maker's example doll (it's so cute) I had to enter. However, I lost track of the contest date and missed it by about 2 days. BUT, she let me enter anyways eventhough I would be short some votes. Which doesn't matter anyways because I just wanted to use the cute base. hee hee. Not sure I really like the outcome though. I was trying to use different palettes and I reshaded the lillypad 3 times. Still NOT happy with it, but I had to get it done. I did reshade the base and edit the face. That was fun. I like the butterfly some, I wish I made it more dainty though. It was hard to do it on that angle.

(base by pixel studio dolls, edit by me)

This was the first doll I had done in about a month. I bought these wonderful bases and had to use them right away. I made the face edit however (off another face of hers) as I am trying to do more of those. I also followed the hair tutorial on unique's site for this, but did my own hair style and palette since I hate seeing people follow tutorials pixel by pixel. eww. I pretty much love how she came out, though I would have liked to make more of a background.

(base by no more pink, edit by me)

This was done for a base edit contest with a watery twist. I love working with water and the colors it offers so I had to enter this. Plus I am trying to enter more contests. I wanted to work with a limited set of palettes and I wanted to do the leaf and water like I see in a lot of pixel art now a days. I like the hair and I like the leaf and water drop... but that's about it. The dolphin, if you can call it that, was a lot cuter in my head. The turtle is ok. Eh? Don't know if I got an award, the site just disappeared?

(base by tempting turquoise)


This was my part of the staff gift at EE for the 2005 blossom festival that we held. I really like her... the dress came out good and I love her little pig tails. Also the first time doing the grass patch that I am addicted to now. lol. (group gift)

(base by ecandy)

This was my part of the 2 person entry for the 2005 blossom festival at EE I did with anne. We choose to do a wild looking flower so we went with wild looking dresses. I really adore the hair on this one, but the flower is poo. anne is brilliant at flowers. (group entry)

(base by pixtoki)

This was my part of the large group entry for the 2005 blossom festival at EE I did with sugaree, keleos, scatron, tif, liddy, ami nomiko, schmush and anne. It took us forever to get the details down, but it all worked out in the end. The entire background was done by tif, ami nomiko and myself. (group entry)

(base by faeryink)

This was the second doll I did as an example for my own contest. I am really happy with how it came out... I love doing hats and this one was both fun and I am surprised at how well it came out. I like the hair and the color palettes. Made new butterflies that I love. But I love the purse the most. It's based on my own real life purse and looks alot like it!!

(base by faeryink)

This had been done for a contest based on artwork by candybar.com but I never entered it because I could not find the contest again when I was done. I totally love this one and am so happy with how it came out. I get so tired of people being all pissy about candybar dolls and blah, blah, blah. I use it for inspiration because the art is beautiful. You can get inspiried by other pixel art too, it doesn't have to just be CG art. (reference)

(base by faeryink)

This was done for a base edit contest. I changed the skin color and that took the most time. I redid the hair about 3 times before I gave up. The wings came out fuzzy. But I like the crazy string outfit that I did... the shadows make it stand out.

(base by diamond cats)

This was done for a contest where you had to doll a gown and tiara. Of course I picked the hardest dress and was not able to do it justice at all. So here is a version with the overlay and one without so you can see the shading underneith.

(base by firefly's world)

This was done for a base edit contest. It was done in a really simple style. I mainly wanted to use the orange and aqua together is all. I also tried the dark outline, soft shading on the dress and really like the outcome.

(base by neyuki)

This was done for a contest based on jaeden's artwork. I totally love redoing other people's characters so this was a good chance to do some fun ones. I love how this came out. The hat came out really well and I was able to squeeze in alot of detail on the overcoat. The first is the origional, based more exactly on her doll. The second was me filling in the white area because it looked weird due to the base I chose, the third is a modified version that nemlyca did for me because we had been talking about what to fill in there and she is always welcome to draw on my dolls. The last one is the one I entered and I love. That was the first time I did any real pixel props and it came out good for the most part, the angle from front to back is a bit off, but eh...

(base by if looks could kill)

This was done for a base edit contest. I totally love this one, all the colors and the style. Many people liked it and I ended up making varied color versions of it for some of them. I won 1st place with this one which was very cool because I love this artist to death!

(base by unique dolls)

This was done for a contest based on the color blue. I wanted to use this little base and I was starting to get used to dolling on smaller bases. The folds in the dress kinda suck, but the hair worked out well.

(base by faeryink)

This was done for a base edit contest. This one really sucks now, but I was trying for the first time to do a chinese styled hair and a set color palette.

(base by blackcat)