...This page is dedicated to my loveable sister sugaree. NONE of the items on this page are adoptable as they are gifts between the two of us. We met at eden enchanted and never really talked, but always admired each other until one day she sent me a general holiday gift. I was surprised to know that she admired me too, and we started talking from that point on. She is one of the most darling girls I know and I love her to pieces!! She is my 'dolling war' partner for life and my very special pixel bitch!! Lubs you sugaree! Base credit for her gifts will be on her site...


...our sister gifts to each other (base by me, unreleased)...

...our EE halloween 2005 entry (base by apitchou)...

Kick butt Payoe designs from her. I love them both, but I think I like the first one better - it's the cute face and adorable boots!! They are both so different and unique, sugaree adding her own style and vision to both. Love them!!

These are the most amazing fish ever. Sugaree has such a way with props and things like this. She had done some fish like this for another piece of pixel art. I asked her for some pink ones as they kinda match the av below.

This was done as a gift/request while she was making stuff for friends. I needed a new AV and she had been making some amazing new ones so I asked for an asain themed AV... of course. I love the bright colors of this and the neat wings. The necklace is adorable and something I would really wear. I love the hair items. She just gets more and more impressive as I look at her. *thankx babe*

This was a special gift to me after the holidays calmed down. She had been so busy that she wasn't getting time to relax and pixel. So she told me she was my slave and would make something for me. I had been wanting to see her make something on my kiki base for some time so I asked her to use that. She had 2 ideas in mind and I choose this of the two, but I think she will be doing the other one as well! *winks* So this was my doll with clouds that I wanted plus the bonus of an asain feel. *hugs* I love it and the colors are SO pretty to look at. Like candy. I really like the hairstyle for this since I find it hard to think of neat asain hairstyles. LOVE it sweetie.

This was a personal 2006 v-day gift. I adore this not only because of the colors, but because of the sheer detail and percision to it. She is known world-round for her famous drinks and this one is noless the best of them all. yum yum. Love ya hunnie. And that quote/saying is just to die for. The whole thing is one of my favorites even if it just wasn't made for me only. Plus the little secrect gift she sent me on EE below, made by EE.

These puppies were just thoughtful gifts from her after the holidays since she was busy. She comes up with so many ways to make a drink, but these were some of her new styled pixel drinks. I adore them and the thought put into them since I love that saying. *hugs* And the little one I stole from her shop when I saw it was for me. hee hee. It's mine girlie.

This was a 2005 halloween gift. This was also her fist try at animation. I love it - it's very unique, and very her. I am the lucky one who gets 2 versions cause I am special. No really, she just wasn't sure what color I would like better. lol.

This was a surprise gift. I love it so much. It's me as a cute little witch. The whole thing is just amazing from the hat, to the skirt, to the socks, to the adorable bottle.

This was another cute gift to me. She had made a few of these for friends and did this one based off a doll of mine here. I adore this cutie - so many details on such a small base. Love the little martini.

This was just alittle something she did for me cause she's sweet like that. Nikki over the rainbow.

This was a general 2005 summer gift.

This was just her being a dork and making me up as a princess. She was also trying out different techniques at this time. *hugs* Loves my pink self.

These were made as a request for one of my layouts. I really wanted some fish and stuff as bullets and since she does them so well, I asked her. Amazing aren't they? I just love my little fishies.

This was a very cool gift/request that she made me. She had opened a shop dealing with drinks. I had commented that I liked them so she made me my favorite dirnk: Sex On The Beach.

This was an EE shop order. I actually just asked her to redo another shop order she did since I loved it so much. She changed the colors and added props for me.

This was a general 2005 v-day gift. This was actually the first thing she ever gave me. I didn't know she knew who I was, but when she gave me this, I PMed her and we never stopped talking.

This is a character doll of hers that I had been wanting to try, but hadn't had the time. I had pullled out tons of bases that I thought fit this character, but I kept coming back to this one. (despite it only being an outline) After the work I put into the doll below this and the disappointment I got from it... I wanted to put in the extra work. So what better way to do that then to pretty much start from scratch. I spent a lot of time on this one as well... but I love the outcome and I am pretty proud of it. I spent a good amount of time looking over other pixel artists and candybar work before I started. I focused on light and folds. I loved shading the base... I really worked on light and the skin palette here. I ADORE the face and had a ball working it together... I love the button nose and doe-like eyes. I had done the hair at first in the black/green palette but thought it looked too green (which is not her character's hair color)... so I redid it in full black, but kept some green streaks. I love how the simple outfit came out and the color of the leggings. I am proud of the hair... though the front section around where it meets her forehead needs some touch up. I really like my love bubble... I will have to use it again. I hate the shoes... I hate the shoes. The feet were hard to work on this size and angle for an open-based shoe. The ball she is holding is just supposed to represent the glowing green orb that she is wearing on her necklace... that you can't really see. The wing base is sugaree's (I just recolored them), as well as the neon green palette.

(base by sabraelle's garden, comeplete edit by me)

This is a character doll of hers that I had been wanting to try, but hadn't had the time. I thought this base really caught the character's personality as sugaree described it - sweet and innocent. I started with the hair outline, but once I started to shade it my normal way I wasn't happy... it looked too dark. I redid the shading in this stringy/shiney style that I've done on smaller bases and it took way to much time with this as the outcome. The internal lines were redone a few times and so was the shading. I even added some dodge and burn effects, which helped some, but this wasn't the outcome I wanted really. After spending so much time on this overall... I started to really pay attention to how I shade... with the following dolls. I love the outfit outline... I spent some time on the folds and the shoes. However, when choosing colors for the dress and trying it in orange and yellow... neither worked. The white did come out pretty... but it still wasn't my first choice. The bird is a phoenix, though I did it smaller then normal to fit the base. The orange color palette is sugaree's.

(base by packaged bliss)

I had started these pixel pets awhile back and planned to make a shop for them, but never did. I had made a couple and promised more, but ran out of time during school. When I had a break I had a chance to make more and they were really fun to make. I used AA on this one and like the outcome. It's supposed to be a goat, as sugaree requested. I had tried a dragon, but it was really weird looking with it's longer nose and beard. *scratch* This got me in the mood for horns though. hee hee.

This was just a gift I wanted to do because I felt the need to use my own base and what better way to use it then to make stuff for my lovely sisters. I wanted this pose for her because I had this great idea for her dress... including this slit. However, nothing with her dress worked out. I had wanted a gradient color change from a mucky green to this blue-teal and it looked horrible. I then did it all green, then part green, part blue... then it was just all blue. I had wanted more colors to the top... but it looked bad. The folds didn't come out well and it lacks shading... I couldn't shade a smooth dress on this pose for some reason. I do like the hair though and the little butterflies in her hair. I had hoped for more from this one though. :(

(base by me, unreleased)

This was a personal 2006 v-day gift to her. I had to use this base for hers because it called her name with it's big glassy eyes and cute grin. I thought the teeth were perfect for a rose in her mouth. I had fun doing this one though it seems plain to me. I love the hair, but this was seriously the 4th color palette I tried it in and it only looked good in this bright of a shade. Weird how that happens? With me anyways. *hugs to you*

(base by nevermore)

This was for her 2006 b-day! I tried a few different things with this and none of them worked out. Overall it came out ok though and she liked it so that was all that mattered. Love ya my sugary sweetness.

(base by gabby)

This was a 2005 x-mas gift just for her. It was a mass production gift to all my sister with special hair and colors to fit her personality better. I really like this one, the hair was my favorite part since I like oriential themed things too. And I liked working with the white, gold and red combo.

(base by mochi dollz house, face by me)

This was a trade done for her. While we were working on our halloween ball entries for EE, I fell in love with the clouds she did for her group entry and asked for a doll with some clouds in them like that. In return, she wanted a doll on a piece of glass like I did for my group entry. So this is what I came up with. I am in love with this one - it all just came together so well. I didn't think of adding the asain flare to it until after the outfit was done, but that's what I would have done if I thought about it sooner. lol. So I added the lantern to make up for it. I really like the little flowers in the back and the hair came out really well for being so small.

(base by meo24)


This was a personal 2005 halloween gift to her of her and her worst fear... or at least a cute worst fear as I see fit. Now this has nothing to do with actually getting drunk as many may think. Sugaree owned a bar at EE and sold drinks. She was so popular and sold so many drinks that she thought she was going to kill someone. So this is a worst fear in a matter of speaking. If her bar was open 24/7 she would be very upset in deed. But it's also too cute for words. Sugaree always makes me think of candy.

(base by apitchou)

This mini me was for an example for my shop at EE. It's based off a doll on her site, one that she actually made as a gift for someone else. lol. So check out her site for the origional.

(base by apitchou)

This mini me was done before I started the shop. I wanted to do something fun for her and as I told her, I saw a clown and based if off that cause it reminded me of her. lol. I tried to shade the skirt different but I don't like it - it's weird?

(base by apitchou)

...various pixel art items for her...

base unknown

...various pixel art items for her...

This was the first gift I made for her. I really like fish and so does she. So I did this. I like the outcome. The dress is supposed to resemble water. I love my little fishies.

(base by hana land)