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...This page is dedicated to my wonderful sister mommints.NONE of the items on this page are adoptable as they are gifts between the two of us. We met at eden enchanted and talked on and off until we slowly started making gifts for each other. After I won her in an auction at EE, we got to know each pretty well and found we had alot in common. She is not only an amazing artist, but also an amazing writer! I am very happy to have met her! Base credit for her gifts will be on her site...

...our sister gifts to each other (base by me, unreleased) - yes her gift is a photo of a man (go figure)...

This was a personal 2006 v-day gift. Another man, I know... but she can't help herself. If it's not a photo of a real man, she has to draw one up. Will this woman never stop? lol. Ya know I love ya, thankx.

This was a 2006 b-day gift. Though she is overly busy with work and crafts, she still made time to make me alittle something special on this day. And she even used my color palettes to add to it's specialness. She knows I love her backgrounds and firefly sparkles. *hugs*

Holy crap a new gift from mommints? Yes, she made time for a beautiful x-mas gift for just a few people and I happen to be one of them. She even used my jar prop. Now that's some sisterly love. *hugs you mommints*

This was kinda her making me a character gift. I told her I needed some characters, so she made one for me. I just love this cutie, the hair is crazy and the dress is so pretty.

This was an auction win at EE. This is kinda what made us start talking a lot more, because I think we worked about 5 months on this. Well she did all the work, but she did ask for feedback a lot. This was based off a photo I sent her and then she added touches of her own to make it just for me. The piece is beautiful. I love the dress and the firefles.

This was a surprise gift from her. I love the whole thing. It's very me and I was so happy to get this from her.

This was just a gift I wanted to do because I felt the need to use my own base and what better way to use it then to make stuff for my lovely sisters. I had the idea for hers first so of course her dress is really over-done and out-there. To me anyways. I am so proud that I didn't use the purple, yellow, black combo I always use for her. But rather kept it dark and earthy. I also added the belly dancer feel to the dress... also why I choose this pose for hers. The dress didn't come out exactly how I wanted it too. The base pose has huge hips and her legs are crossed so it created an issue when I was doing folds in that area. Overall it's ok. I was happy the bottom came out looking shiney though, because it's supposed to be different fabric. I like the hair too eventhough it's hard to see... it has a lot of detail. The scarf thing was the hardest to do because I kept changing the shape and the color. Finally I just tool shaded it. Came out ok compared to the pixel trys. lol.

(base by me, unreleased)

This was a personal 2006 v-day gift. I saw this base and it had to be used for her - the face is just so precious. lol. I had wanted to do a belly dancer, but the base's body was just too small to do what I wanted. So I opted for a huge hat and this is what came out. I also tried out the shiney shading style on the hair and am very pleased. I realize now though that I have used this set of colors before for her and need to stop. eh.

(base by turtlebug)

This was a 2005 x-mas gift just for her. It was a mass production gift to all my sister with special hair and colors to fit her personality better.

(base by mochi dollz house, face by me)

This was a personal 2005 halloween gift to her of her and her worst fear... or at least a cute worst fear as I see fit. This, I know, would have to be one of her worst fears. For anyone that does not know who this person is, he is an actor that she adores and writes about. So it's personal. lol. I am in love with how well this dress came out. I had picked the colors for hers first and then had to come up with something to suit them. She always comes off very poise to me, so I had to do her in a cute, little, proper dress. The headstone sucks, but you only see it every other second, so it's ok. lol.

(base by apitchou)

This was just a gift to her for being a sweetie, before I started doing the mini mes. She is like a little belly dancer and we named her Madame Cute Belly.

(base by apitchou)

base unknown

...various pixel art items for her...

site no longer up

This was a 2005 b-day gift.

(base by disappeared element)


This was a recolored version of another doll I did. This was actually the first thing I made her because she made some nice comments on the origional, so I PMed her suggesting I could make her one and we started talking from then on.

(base by unique dolls)