...none of these are adoptable, they are my personal favorities...


This was done for an event or something at ee where a base was made for a yearbook and we had to pixel ourselves onto the background. So this is mine. I am pretty happy with it. I choose a face that was already mad looking, but then edited my nose and lips/chin area in. I changed the jawline to match mine, but it was almost the same as the base's, so it doesn't show up as much. Right now, this is one of my favorite shirts. The shorter necklace is supposed to be an apple... it's not really that big, but you couldn't tell otherwise. eh? The longer necklace does look like that in shades of white and cream, but you couldn't see it on this base, so I changed it to darker colors. My hair is much longer than that, but I didn't want it to be hair-crazy... so I shortened it. I had a hard time with the glasses... because those wouldn't show up either, but overall I like it.

(base by ee, edit by me)

This is based off a photo of my sister. I really like how this one came out... the white shading could be better... I was just trying to use less colors. The hair took forever to do this way and come out looking alright. I shaded it all in the stringy, shiny style. I am happy with it though... being I haven't done it much or this large scale. I also used a different shading style on the jeans... with different shaded outlines and whatnot.

(base by gabby)

This is based off a photo of my sister. This is the most recent one so far, taken from a photo in August. She's having her second baby and is due in about a month. woo hoo. So this is her... we were filling balloons with water for my nephew to play with. It was a blast. Tried a different hair technique... but the shading on the shirt took forever.

(base by gabby)

This is based off a photo of my sister. I spent a lot of time on this and I am still not totally happy with it. I redid the hair like 4 times, redid the jeans more than that and hate them. I like how the sky came out. Overall though I like it because working on this base is great and stuff always comes out cute. I also did a version without the pattern because I really liked the shading.

(base by gabby)

I wanted to make another AV to use on the fourms, so this is what I came up with. I really wanted to use red, black and white. I wasn't sure if I would like it with the shades of blue I used, and I still doubt it sometimes... but overall I really like it. I changed the shirt many times and redid the hair twice... but it's very me acutally. I wanted it to be wintery for this time of the year. I hate the cold, but ah well.

(base by aliplushie)

This was an experiment in making something cute and animated. I adore cows... and I love pink... so what better combination? I am happy with how this came out and hope to make more, maybe even open a shop at EE?

This was just a gift I wanted to do because I felt the need to use my own base and what better way to use it then to make stuff for my lovely sisters. And of course I wanted to do them all together, so I had to make one of myself. I saw a wedding dress kinda like this, so it's based off that... just lots of folds and it had lots of different fabrics in there. More flowers on the hip but in this case, the one did just fine. I had such a hard time trying to make colors for this one. I wanted a different color palette inbetween the folds, but not matter what I used... white, dark pink, yellow, nothing worked. So I just had to use a set from the origional palette. The hair is just copied from another doll I did, just changed the color. This actually looks a lot like me... body shape, hair and all. I really like the outcome.

(base by me, unreleased)

This is based off a photo of my sister and I during the summer. I had fun doing this because I spent like all of 10mins on the hair and I am still happy with them. I like drawing and shading the clothes most, the hair always slows me down. So, I wanted to see what 'quick hair' would look like and it's good enough for me. It actually came out very close to looking like the photo, so that's all that matters. Plus I print these and add them to my scrapbooks, so it's an added bonus.

(base by gabby)

This is based off a photo of me, my mom and my little sister from a few years back. It was just something to do and I had fun doing it. I messed around with jean techniques and am actually happy with how they came out. This base is a joy to work on!

(base by gabby)

This was made for the new year's ball over at FF. I was new there, but scatron was nice enough to pimp me into the ball and bought me a ticket. So I made this little ditty 2 days before the deadline. Overall I am pretty happy with her - I like the colors, I love the hair, I do wish the dress looked more white, but that was my bad choice in a white pallette. lol.

(base by gabby)

This was done for the large group entry I was part of for EE's halloween ball. I really wanted to do dead something - so I threw a few ideas at gabby, tif and scatron and we agreed on dead beauty queens. The idea being it was a Miss America pageant, but since we were dead, we won awards for how we died! I am Miss Suicide. I had started out with just the knife, but then realized that her wrists didn't show much so I added the rope around her neck too. Bonus killing? I don't like the tiara however, odd angle. The dress is based off one I found online - I needed to find one that allowed for this type of pose and would show it off, but it also needed details - thus the fluff at the bottom. Gabby did the lettering on the sash for me since my 2 tries sucked. The background was made by me at the last minute actually. Everyone did their own props but we didn't have a solid idea for a background. So I just made a stage, messed with glass and reflections... I love the outcome. We talked about a grave site, but to make it simple it's just a black shape. Overall I am VERY pleased with the whole thing. Working with such wonderful ladies does that to you and shows in your work!! Thankx ladies. The scroll above was made by gabby (tiara) and me (the rest). We won 1st place for this baby!! woo-hoo. (group entry)

(base by haven of silindor)

...2006 v-day pixel gift, mushroom from fantasia, minnie mouse, a cow...

...chillie willie, my live journal icon, eeyore...

This was done while I was on staff at EE, when we were planning a murder mystery event back in June. This was a character I made up for the story line... she's a maid. I love how the hair came out on this one... it looks very real to me. The maid hat thing could be better but I don't know how to make them or what they really look like for that matter. lol.

(base by ee)

This is the matching sig to the AV above. I think she's really cute and I like how she came out. It was hard getting the hair to match the AV, but overall it came out ok. I was trying my hand at props again and am fairly happy with how it came out. The lace over the table looks pretty cool. The props are by me and the table can be found in the pixel art section.

(base by cherryville) first real tries at pixel art...

This was done as a group contest entry with amythist, wayuki, kuukiir, micheemee, and keleos where we just had to make something together. So we talked and ended up going with a playboy bunny theme with wings. I was not so keen on the wings part, so mine are less noticable, but I ended up really liking them anyways. I adore this one and she's somehow become a sort of mascot for me. lol. Please STOP stealing this doll and STOP direct linking it.

(base by if looks could kill)

This was done for a contest about the goddess of love. I had a hard time with the shell, but I was trying a bit of tool shading again. I like how the hair came out... looked up lots of pics based on the goddess of love to get that blowing in the wind/water look. I like the love sparkles most. lol. I wanted to add more gold her her thigh and leg area, but nothing I added looked good so I had to scrap the idea.

(base by atalante, face by me)

This was done while I was feeling the lose of a friend. Not due to death, but due to just life I guess. I wanted it to be real emotional to me and be... me. So this is based on me, in a pink dress. It was my first time doing blood and I really liked it back then, but it kinda sucks now. I was also messing with animation again... making that heart beat took a very long time. I did the tears after I made the animation and at the time didn't know how to add it to the origional so they are seperate.

(base by kristyn dawn)

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