...This page is dedicated to my groovy sister lulu. NONE of the items on this page are adoptable as they are gifts between the two of us. We met at eden enchanted, but what stood out with her was she always took the time to enter my contests and put so much effort into each piece. We started chatting about the 80's and our love for my little ponies and a friendship grew. We did trade after trade for about a year, she even made me my very own REAL my little pony... so it was about time we cemented our friendship for good. She's a cool-ass chick and so easy to talk to. Base credit for her gifts will be on her site...

...our sister gifts to each other - of course hers is massive and totally blows mine away...

Funny gift from my girl! Just alittle something to let me know she is still alive and doing art. Since she is moving more in the CG direction, over pixel art, this is a combination of both. Love it!

I know right, how many amazingly beautiful dolls does she have to make me? UGH. I love this and all the CG work she put into it. Thank you hun.

This was a 2006 halloween gift to friends and family. Amazing as always. The things this girl can do with wings!!

I had seen a doll like this on her site and just fell inlove with it. The whole idea as well as the background made me want some characters of my own. I love the water effect in this one too. So I asked her to do one up in shades of pink for me and this is what I got. Love it to death!!

If you can't tell, this was a 2006 easter gift. Yes, she dressed up as a fricken bunny. And she got flack for it from me too. ha ha. I want to molest your ears lulu!

This was made just because she is a dork and makes nice thank you gifts. After I added like a ton more poses to my kiki base set and resent it to her, she made up alittle dollie on it for me and sent it my way. What a cutie she is. I love this one. This pose is based on gabby's harley base, with her permission and only a few people got it.

This was a general 2006 v-day gift to close friends. Amazing artwork here... she has a touch with pixel work that resembles a hand drawn image. LOVE it.

This was made for my 2006 b-day. She never forgets me when it's important and I love that about her. She had to make me a sexy, pink chick and add her 2 cents into it as well. I love the idea and thought put into this one. I want that outfit.

This was a personal 2005 x-mas gift. She uses this set of bases like they were made for her. She has a way with fabric and hair that is so enchanting... you should check out her site because she has tons of stuff made on these bases. The text is awsome too.

What an honor to get one of these... cause she is another pink hater and I know it killed her to make this. ha ha. She was making these in various colors and whatnot and just had to make one for me. I adore it and if I could rock out, this would be perfect for me. The saying is cute too and fits it perfectly. *hugs*

This was one of our trades. Since we both adore my little ponies and I had been making them at the time, we opted to make some custom ones for each other. This is my dream pony (aside from the real one she made me). I love the girly-ness to it and that's a lot coming from my darkhearted sister. ha ha. Love it.

The first one was a halloween 2005 gfit to me and since I needed a halloween themed AV at the time, I asked her to make one more custom to me. So the second one was made just for me and I love it. Very much her style and glamour.

This was made to test out my base. She said this pose called for a surfer girl theme and had to toss the pink in there for me.

This was a silly gift, because she made it for me after I made her a contest win doll. So she really didn't need to make me a thank you gift because she won the doll I made her fair and square. But she's just too sweet for words I guess.

Jello drop for her. No base.

This was an extremely late 2006 v-day gift. I had a long list of gifts to make in feburary, but didn't get around to all of them. I never even got to make a general gift which I usually try to do. BUT I was able to finish this one, 2 months after I started the outlines. My goal for these gifts was to pick a base that reminded me of them and go off that. I choose this base for her because I wanted to do an over-the-top art nouveau style for her with the whole detailed background and everything. This base was perfect for that. However, being so busy and tired kept me from doing that much work. I did keep the huge, vibrant dress though. I wanted it to be all about the redness. And I was trying alittle different technique on the hair. Somewhat like what I normally do but with alittle more AA. I am always trying to change how I shade, it sucks. lol. I really like how this came out and she was very happy with it as well. I also really like the flower.

(base by sakura faye)

This was one of our trades. Since we both adore my little ponies and I had been making them at the time, we opted to make some custom ones for each other. I made her 2 of them because she was always making me stuff to start with. I made her custom poses that I had not made yet. The first is based off her favorite colors and has a music note on it's behind. The second was something she came up with... mmmm chocolate. She makes these babies for real... you should check out her site for more.

This was the first contest win doll I did for her. She wanted something art nouveau styled and with red of course. I put a modern spin on it with a more simple background. The dress is based off artwork by selina fenech. She was very happy with the outcome. It's one of my favs to date still.

(base by if looks could kill)