...This page is dedicated to my very wise (hack, hack) sister keleos. NONE of the items on this page are adoptable as they are gifts between the two of us. We met on eden enchanted and through the many pink jokes and wise cracks we found a middle ground... and became sisters. Kel will keep you laughing until it hurts or you pee your pants. She is one of the funniest ladies I have ever met and I can't help but feel the love she puts into each and every... personal joke. BIG WET KISSES...
... Base credit for her gifts will be on her site...

...our sister gifts to each other (base by wayuki's place)...

This was a 2006 b-day gift. I won't say anymore, but please read kel's heartwarming story below. *hugs*

Once upon a time, not so many years ago, there was a lovely little girl named NikkiFaith. Nikki had the heart of an artist and she loved to color and draw and paint, and she loved to use all the colors of the rainbow to create her masterpieces (many of which were displayed on the refrigerator, they were that good.) Everybody could see how talented the little girl was, and they were all sure that she’d be a fabulous pixel artist someday.

But then one day as Nikki used her little box of 8 color crayons to recreate Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, surely one of her best and soon to be placed right in the middle of the refrigerator held up with the coveted fruit shaped magnets, something terrible happened. The Pink Reaper, who wanders the Earth killing off all other colors but pink, noticed the potential of the little girl coloring her picture.

“Surely,” thought the Pink Reaper, “if this girl with her amazing gifts were to color only in pink, pink would become the dominant color in the universe! Everybody would fall in love with her art and want to emulate her, they would want to use only pink in their own pixel art. Then I wouldn’t have to do it all by myself. I wouldn’t have to wander around killing all the other colors 365 days a year. I could take a vacation!”

With that selfish though in mind, the Pink Reaper reached out and touched the little girl, killing all the other colors that danced in her soul. Her evil work done, the Reaper promptly booked a flight to Bermuda.

And NikkiFaith?

Well, she continues to use pink in all of her artwork. And while the art is as lovely and incredible as it has always been, the pink permeates the pixels, tainting them for all time. We can only hope that through love, and intervention, that someday… perhaps… Nikki will again use all the colors in the crayon box.

This was a 2005 x-mas gift to friends and family.

This was a 2005 halloween gift to friends and family.

This was a darling little gift she made as part of a larger gift of her and all her sisters. Kel doing cute? uh yeah

This was one of those gifts that I knew was coming but I didn't know how bad. And I expected really bad. However, this is, also one of those gifts that you just stare at and am amazed by it's spender. This is one of the most unique, amazing gifts I have ever gotten. She put so much thought and effort into this I almost don't deserve it. Or so she says. I adore this to death and kel knows I love her despite her being... well kel. Below is alittle story she made to go along with this amazing gift. hee hee - Gotta love her.

It is a pink time for the rebellion. Pink fanatics have driven the rebel forces from their hidden posts and pursued them across the EE boards.

Evading the dreaded Pink Opressors, a group of freedom fighters led by Keleos have established a new secret base in the Dolls Forum.

The evil lord Darth Pink, NikkiFaith, obsessed with the color pink and with turning all other dollers to the Pink Side, has dispatched her brainwashed minions into the far reaches of EE...

This is a gift for NikkiFaith so it's not adoptable. I don't know why you'd want to, anyway, but you can't. NO TOUCHING! Not even with a stick. I apologize for the pinkness of the post. I promise you, I am suffering for it. I think my eyeballs have melted.

This was another gift that came around the same time as the one above. For some reason she wanted to use this base of mine because of what's under the skirt (nevermind) but came up with this "semi-sweet" gift. She felt the need to prove that I was not actually the angel that I thought I was. But I can't see how the devil would have such beautiful hair and such a pretty pink dress?

This was my part of a huge undertaking she did for her close friends. She made us all fruit and veggies. After having a chat about this, she felt I was the only rotten one. Go fig? to all her sisters...

This was a general 2005 v-day gift.

This was an EE shop order when she was doing fairies. Since she had done so much pink for me already, I suggested she choose the colors and this is what she came up with. I love her dragonfly wings.

This was a joke gift after we did a contest together where we made playboy bunnies. I had commented that I really liked hers and just wanted her to recolor that one, but instead I got this. It's still cute, and that hair, isn't it amazing?

This is another joke gift... kel being rude. We were talking about the use of color and she ripped on me, said something about brown, then I got this gift. It's still funny.

This was a personal 2005 b-day gfit to me. When we first met I had mentioned a certain doll on her site that I liked and then months later, for my b-day she redid it for me. This is NOT the doll on her site, but the hair is close to it. The dress was all new and just for me. I was about speechless when I saw this puppy. I love it. Unforgettable!

This was the start of the bad jokes. This is still really funny and so cute. I don't think there needs to be any deatils, you can see why she was being rude. lol

This was a general 2004 x-mas gift.

...this was her first gift to me. this was way before, when she was nice to me and stuff. she said the pink flower almost killed her, but she's still here ya know. lol...

This was just a gift I wanted to do because I felt the need to use my own base and what better way to use it then to make stuff for my lovely sisters. This dress was done last and it was the hardest of them all. I wanted a victorian feel to her, but in really odd colors. I wanted it to be purple, but not the same girly purple that gabby got. Though this is probably too pink for her, I know I will hear about it. The top is really ugly, so I tried to hide it with a pattern. lol. I like the flowers this color, so that was on purpose. I tried them in 3 different colors and the lighter ones just looked better and brought out the underpart of the dress more. I wish I would have worked hard on the dark purple palette though... the lightest shade is too bright I think. I redid the bottom palette about 2 times though before I was ok with that one. It's weird, I know. May use it someplace else to see how it looks on a larger scale?

(base by me, unreleased)

This was a personal 2006 v-day gift for her. I had wanted to use one of her own bases for the gift, but when I saw this one and the expression on it's face... it just called keleos. It was different, but fun to work on because of it's height and how skinny it is. I saw this outfit online and had to make it - I love the top and it came out really well. The skirt I had shaded, but hated the outcome so I messed with the filters in phoposhop and this came out. I quite like it actually, but don't ask me to do it again. lol.

(base by quinqui)

This was a 2006 b-day gift to her. This was my part of a larger colab gift with all of her 10 sisters. The main idea was just to doll ourselves in just a bow and to display a letter on our behind wishing her a happy b-day. I adore how this came out - the hair worked out well for my first back view. I love the face on this base. hee hee.

(base by gabby)

This was the large group gift to her with all her sisters: (in order) ami nomiko, nemlyca, me, elenya, mommints, sylven, anne, gascogne, glo worm and sugaree. The story was written my mommints and I, base by gabby.

The Leader of the Crack - A short story, made by many

Not so long ago, in a land that for some is actually quite close, a sweet little thing named Nemlyca realized that the time was rapidly approaching for an event that would affect the lives of many. And when that special day arrived, the world would shudder as thunder rolled across the heavens and jagged bolts of lightening would streak across the turbulent skies. Hordes of demons would spew forth from the earth in malevolent celebration for the... oh...


Er, Oh yes, Nemlyca.

She sent forth a call to the sisters and together with NikkiFaith an idea was born. Nemlyca had rallied the sisters the previous year as well since this special day coming was (insert loud echo voice here) THE BIRTH OF KELEOS (end loud echo voice).

An email was sent around the world, reaching every nook and cranny, compiling a group effort like none other seen before. Over mountains, over seas, this email reached... even a small mouse in China.

They all knew the main focus of this amazing gift was to reach the depths of this person’s soul they all shared and adored. They all knew that to really show appreciation for this person they would have to work many hours and spend many nights slaving over their computers. Ideas were tossed about, decisions were made, and assignments were given.

For some, the task was quite simple… add a drink with an olive in it and voila, it’s done. For others it was simply finding the time between studying, work and playing babysitter to women who adored pictures of half nekkid men, butt didn’t want to share. Sadly, there were two that couldn’t help butt fall into the madness of making many jokes and puns that would not disappear into the crack of time, butt trickle down upon the rest of the group to torture them all. This madness spread around the group like a dark plague and for a few days the goal was lost… the mission set aside.

Mommints and Sylven then had to be slapped.

One by one the individual gifts were completed, despite a sick banana on the other side of the country, a late entry because she was nowhere to be found and a glow worm stuck in a pile of books. Nikki made sure to use her bright pink whip wisely, much to Sylven’s delight, and all the assignments were done on time. Even the backup mouse created just in case wasn’t needed since the yellow mouse showed its face at the very last minute. There was much rejoicing and a round of drinks for all.

It was now time to add the final touches and make sure the group effort would be shown in all its glory. They all put on their best outfits for this special event, outfits fitting for the quest of honor indeed. Nikki ordered them about as they all stood in a row, giggling and pointing at each other’s bum, and finally they were ready to greet their beloved friend.

A hush fell over this group, this gathering of so many, and like a drill sergeant or chieftain leading her troops into battle, Nikki gave the command. With precision that would make any West Point cadet green with envy, they showed Keleos their precious gift...

...yes they showed her how much they really loved her.

This was a 2005 x-mas gift just for her. It was a mass production gift to all my sister with special hair and colors to fit her personality better.

(base by mochi dollz house, face by me)

This was a personal 2005 halloween gift to her of her and her worst fear... or at least a cute worst fear as I see fit. This could be a forst wear of hers, but I doubt it... unless I was around! I had a list longer then my arm for kel and I think we all know why. This kinda came around due to my layout and her complaining that the monkies above her would poo on her head. So this was so funny to me, I had to use it against her... AND I had to use this damn cute monkey someplace... what better then on her leg? I can't think of one. And I added the demon tail for kicks! I really like the hair on this one and I wanted the color palettes to be really cool and all stand out. Love them. Kel you know you love my humpen' monkey! Give him love.

(base by apitchou)

This is a pay back gift of sorts for my lovely sister. She has the best sense of humor (most of the time) so I figured I would try something mean back. This was me trying to be as funny as her. There really isn't a personal joke behind it - just my perception of her and I!! lol. This did, however, take a couple of days to make and 72 wonderfully painful layers of animation. In the end the only thing that was damaged was the blonde hair on the little mini-me doll. It went from like 5 shades down to 2 shades, but it still came out well enough. And yes, the little mini-me is flicking her off for reasons better left for only her to know. ha ha. The jar is by me and in the pixel art section. Love you kel. *wet kisses*

(base by gabby)

This mini me was an example for my shop of one of my favorite dolls of hers. It's based on her doll for an event at EE, so please visit her site for the origional. I love how the little plants came out because I was not sure I could even do them.

(base by apitchou)

When I saw this base I knew I had to make it holding a cartoon flower. So I made one for her being all cute. I wanted the style to work with the base - so everything is simple and less exact. I still think it's cute.

(base by moon's pixel)

base by mebase unknown

...various pixel art items for her...

This is a personal 2005 v-day gift to her. I really wanted to use purple and red for hers and I wanted to do a funky hair style. I really love how this one came out!!

(base by if looks could kill)

This is a recolored version of another doll because she wanted one in these colors.

(base by unique dolls)

This was a 2005 b-day gift. I really wanted it to be big and fun and bright. I love the pants and the hair. And I LOVE the butterfly earring to death. The butterfly tatoo was actyally done on another doll and she commented that she liked it so I added it to her doll - funny thing is, she later told me she has a butterfly tatoo in that exact spot. Weird, but cool.

(base by me)


This was a group gift for her birthday from me, amythist, nemlyca, ami nomiko. (her sisters at the time) The idea came from nemlyca and it's based on kel's cats. She has like a million and we thought it would be funny to each 'become' one. Since kel also likes old fashioned clothes, we all dressed up in them as cats. Yeah... weird, I know, but she loved it. Nemlyca actually dressed up in a design that kel had done on one of her own dolls and she choose the cat that only has one eye, so hers is especially funny and personal. Mine was part of a personal joke based on her sister gift to me (at the top) because I had asked her to be my monkey and she said she wouldn't dress up like a monkey. So I wouldn't dress up like a cat here. Long story, I give up. ha ha.

(base by pinkland)

*private joke for Keleos - bases by Fairy Ink and Cleo*

This was the first of many 'joke' gifts between her and I. She made a mean little gift for me wearing a brown dress, so I threatened that I would make her wear peach. And this was born. This is her being like cute or something and then fairy me coming along to knock her on the head with my peach wand.

(large base by faeryink)
(small base by cleo dolls)

This was my first gift to her. After she made some nice comments (yeah that was the day) I made her a gift and this is what started us talking and later we became sisters.

(base by hime no sakura)