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...This page is dedicated to my sweetie pie sister gabby. NONE of the items on this page are adoptable as they are gifts between the two of us. We kinda met on eden enchanted and just through talking via email. We talked for a long time before actually becoming sisters, not sure why. lol. She is very dear to my heart and I am so happy to have the pleasure of meeting her and having her in my life! Base credit for her gifts will be on her site...

base by me

...our sister gifts to each other (base by me, unreleased)...

This was a special gift she made of us and our love for bunnies. lol. Aren't we cute? I love this and how much thought went into the concept. She even encluded ice cream for us to share. *loves you*

This was a personal 2006 v-day gift. How cute is this little southern darling? *hugs*

This was a general v-day 2006 gift to friends. Isn't it just stunning!!

This was a "photo" taken of us at the new year's ball at FF. She looks pretty short next to me here huh? lol.

This was a 2006 b-day on my base. She uses this base like it was made for her, so she knows I love the outcome. And look at the stunning face edit she did on it. You can find this edit in the base section as well. I love this and the thought she put into it. Gabby is so amazing at shading clothes it's not even fair. And look at my cool playboy necklace. Love you gabs!! *kisses*

This was a personal 2005 x-mas gift. I love the hair on this.

This was a 2005 x-mas gift to friends. It cracks me up because the little feet go crazy. It's very gabby-esque.

This was a 2005 halloween gift to friends. Look at that butt!!

This was a personal 2005 halloween gift. It's of me dressed up for the holiday as a cow. Why you ask - because I like cows and she wanted to take full advantage of that. Udders and all. lol. I LOVE it!

This is BY FAR one of my all time favorite gifts ever. Gabby is such a wonderful and amazing artist that she made me this little fucker. I love it so much. I wish it was a stuffed animal or something cause he's so cute I want to squeeze him to death. I can't thank you enough gabs, love him and you!!

Can we say beautiful? She made this as a gift for me on my base as a surprise. It's stunning... I love the background. I keep trying to talk her into making a tutorial on making them, but she won't. Bug her too!

base by me

This was done on my base before I was done with the set as a test to see how it worked. I had asked her while making it to do a set of mermaid tails for me and this is what she did. I love this - it's kinda a her and I fantasy theme and she made this into an MSN background for us that is so cool.

This was a surprise gift when she was making a mass amount of FaeWee dolls in jars. Thank god I got one while they were hot cause she is pooped out on them now... and chased them all away. It's darling - I love that they are so sweet yet so scared.

This was another sweet gift. See gabby does the opposite of kel and makes me nice, pink gifts. So this was to honor the pinkness in me. Yeah, she looks drunk.. and she is... on pinkness.

This was done as a request I made at EE for matching AVs to a sig doll here. I love the lips on this base and the hair is outstanding.

This is one of many 'I am watching you' gifts that she makes for admired dollers and friends.

This is one of many 'I am watching you' gifts that she makes for admired dollers and friends. This one is great because it looks so much like her and the idea is wonderful.

This was her first gift to me. She said she was making it and when she was done it just reminded her of me. So this got us talking more and our courtship started and lasted a really long time before I asked for her hand in sisterhood. *winks*

I had started these pixel pets awhile back and planned to make a shop for them, but never did. I had made a couple and promised more, but ran out of time during school. When I had a break I had a chance to make more and they were really fun to make. I used AA on this one and like the outcome.

This was just a gift I wanted to do because I felt the need to use my own base and what better way to use it then to make stuff for my lovely sisters. I had to use this face for her because it's just so cute. And the pose (when you can see the legs) just reminds me of her because it's almost dancing, almost stripping. lol. So her dress is all ruffles, glitter and lace. I had a much grander idea for the top of the dress, but it just didn't come out so I am disapponted in how that came out but otherwise I love the bottom of the dress. I really like what the sparkles added to it, because I only had planned on the silver trim at first. And the hair came out nice too... wish more of the back part showed. Also, the earrings are cool, but no matter what color I did them it, they were either too hard to see or too bold. So they are there anyways.

(base by me, not released)

This was a personal 2006 v-day gift to her. I knew I wanted to use her base to do this, but I wanted it to be more romantic. So I had this idea of her kissing, but it's kinda based off how anime are drawn when kissing. So I made the whole base/pose edit for this and it was very hard. It cost me at least 2 days work just trying to shade it like her. I did about 1/2 with how I shade and it looked like a completely different color palette. So while doing this I learned a lot. I also never do feet, so that was also really hard and I had to study the feet on her bases to make them match. Thank god she's my friend or she may have killed me. lol. Anyways - she's a 70's playboy bunny so to speak. I love the hair. Overall I like everything about her.

(base by gabby, edit by me)

This was a 2005 x-mas gift. It was a mass production gift to all my sisters with special hair and colors to fit their personalities better. I had to add a pony tail for her. hee hee.

(base by mochi dollz house, face by me)

This was a 2005 b-day gift. All I know is I wanted to make her something big and bold. I went with a show girl theme... I really wanted to add fur someplace since I was messing with fur at the time. And this let me mess with it on a bigger scale. I also chose a limited color palette aside from the hair. The shape of the hair I like, but I don't like how the gradiant came out. Overall it's ok.

(base by gabby)

This was a quickie for her because she helped me so much with kel's puking gift. She really liked the hair on that doll, so I said I would do one with blonde hair for her. I pooped out on this though - I wanted to add more, but the simple animation was bugging me and I couldn't add the text like I wanted in the lid. She's getting her jig on anyways. yeah yeah.

(base by gabby)

This was a personal 2005 halloween gift of her and her worst fear... or at least a cute worst fear as I see fit. This was one of a few I could have done, but I know how she loves her ice cream and I know she would die without it so this was fitting. I didn't know what direction to go with hers, clothes-wise, and then I got out of hand with the fur. And I just wanted her to have a massive amount of hair for some reason?

(base by apitchou)

base by me

This was just a special gift for her because we are playboy bunny wanna bes for life. And this pose just called for this type of doll. I like how it came out.

(base by me, not released)

This mini me was just a gift for her when I was starting to use this base for my shop at EE. It's not based on anything but cuteness and the color purple. I like the poofy dress and flower bow. And I really love how the flowers came out in the grass - up close I didn't think they would look right but they do. I like how most of the hair came out, but noticed I forgot to fill in some areas when I was done. eh.

(base by apitchou)

This is a personal 2005 v-day gift. I had to use the whole biker feeling on this one - I had fun doing it. And that's a playboy bunny on her shirt if you can't see it. lol.

(base by pixellence)

base by mebase unknown

...various pixel art items for her...