...This page is dedicated to my dear, sweet sister site anne. NONE of the items on this page are adoptable as they are gifts between the two of us. Anne is my first sister and one of the few people that I really met in the dolling community. This girl is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and I am so happy to have her in my life now. In the short time we have known each other, she has become a really great friend despite us living half way around the world from each other. Base credit for her gifts will be on her site...


...Our sister banner. We each made ourselves on the large base by ecandy and then made
each other on the small base by blackcat / moon reference...

This is the 2-person entry we did for the 2005 blossom festival at EE. Anne did the flowers and I did the grass patch. We were close to winning a staff award, but weren't so lucky.

(base by pixtoki)

After a long, long absence... she came back to make me this amazing doll of my character Payoe. It was such a surprise to both of us because I didn't think she had time and she didn't know I was looking for fanart of Payoe. So it worked out. I adore this... she added a frame and her bow/arrow. *hugs*

This was a little 2006 v-day gifty from her. How beautiful is this! She never gets to do pixel art so it's always a pleasure to see it when she makes it! *hugs*

This was a 2006 b-day gift from her. This is such a touching gift because she based all 4 dolls off a set of AVs I did when I first started dolling... that were not really the best. She made each one her own, but still kept the overall feel and look to my design. This is such a wonderful and amazing gift for such a busy lady. Love you anne!!

This was a recolored doll that I asked for based off another one she did. She redid this as me though and it's one of my favorites. I LOVE the outfit to death.

This was done as a cheer up gift for me when my father was in the hospital. It's an amazing gift and very sweet. I love the curly hair and the flower skirt. This is also one of my favs!! *kisses*

This was a surprise gift based off some powerpuff girl dolls that she did for a contest. This one is of me, of course. Ain't it cute? Silly anne.

This was a general 2005 v-day gift to friends.

This was a personal 2005 v-day gift. I love it because it's very personal. This is of her and I, and she dolled me in a version of my wedding dress. No, I'm not married net, but I do have the dress and had sent her pictures of it forever ago. And the sweetie that she is... used that as inspiration. I love it.

This was a personal 2005 b-day gift to me. This is just stunning and I love the detail of the dress and all the work she put into it. It is an amazing gift.

This was a general 2004 x-mas gift to friends.

This was a personal 2004 x-mas gift to me. It's of her and I in some cute x-mas/new years clothes. I adore this. The clothing design for each is perfect for us and I love it.

This was just a nice gift while she was on a winx spree. She was making lots of them for fun and made one for me of her and I.

This was a thank you gift for me making her the AV below. This is still my favorite gift from her, not only because she made herself use pink for the first time really, but because it's so personal and cute. It's what made me fall in love with her! *hugs*

This was just a gift I wanted to do because I felt the need to use my own base and what better way to use it then to make stuff for my lovely sisters. I had to use this pose for her, but it's also a bit shorter then the rest... so she looks like the baby of the bunch. She is like my own little anne though, so it's ok. She also got the cute, baby face edit! lol. I love how hers came out. Hers is very sweet and pretty. I had planned to try to get some black in there, but the cream was calling to me instead. Also, because I knew I wanted a lighter colored trim on the bottom, the cream bow just fit better. I also like the hair... it's kinda funky, but still pretty. Just like anne is. The only thing I don't like is the bottom of the dress itself... I just kept adding pixels to it and then all the folds ended up flat looking. But overall it's one of my favs.

(base by me, not released)

This was a personal 2006 v-day gift to her. This was the last of the sister gifts I did and it was by far the hardest. I chose this base because of the face, but also because I had in mind that it would be holding a string of hearts or something cool. However, once I did the clothes - I felt that idea would cover too much up, so I ended up with the 2 seperate things hanging. I also redid both the design and the pattern of the outfit like a million times before I settled on this one. Still not sure of it, but anne was very happy with her. The hair is actually just a redone version (and larger scaled) of the hair on the doll below. Sometimes I like to redo things I've done before to see if they get better. Plus, this hair style is close to anne's real hair.

(base by punie pixels)

This was a 2005 x-mas gift. It was a mass production gift to all my sisters with special hair and colors to fit their personalities better. This was the first one done, so first try. The glass effect didn't look as good in these colors, so that is missing on this, so I added the music notes to make up for it.

(base by mochi dollz house, face by me)


This was a personal 2005 halloween gift to her of her and her worst fear... or at least a cute worst fear as I see fit. There were so many things I could have done for anne, but she is too sweet to do any real harm too, so this is one of her fears, just maybe not the worst. I love how hers came out. Love the hair and the clothes. She's cute when she's mad!

(base by apitchou)


This mini me was a request by her - though I made her a few already I didn't pick the right ones I guess, because she actually wanted this one. lol. So this is based on a character she did, please visit her site for the origional. I like how the dress came out, but the hair was hard to do. I also like the water magic I added. If that is what it is. lol.

(base by apitchou)

This mini me was an example for my shop of one of my favorite dolls of hers. Her doll is actually a gift she made for someone else, but I didn't know that at the time. lol. I like how it came out though, had fun with the hat and love the pants and all it's jewels.

(base by apitchou)

When I saw this base I knew I had to make it holding a cartoony flower. So I made one for her being all cute. I wanted the style to work with the base - so everything is simple and less exact. I still think it's cute.

(base by moon's pixel)

This mini me was a 2005 b-day gift to her. I really like how this came out - the hair, the dress, the shading. I also really started liking the grass and flowers at this time too. Love the flowers. I had tried to make the heart rotate but it looked dumb, so I dropped the animation.

(base by apitchou)

...various pixel art items for her...

base unknown

...various pixel art items for her...

This is a recolored version of another doll, because she wanted one in these colors.

(base by unique dolls)

This was done after I tried my first background for another event, so I wanted to try it again. I confirmed I wanted to use this base and it gave me a magical idea. So I did the terrace and the sky. I really love how this came out, but it took a long time to finish. The hair was so easy and I love it, but the pink dress was redone about 4 times before I stuck to this one.

(base by meo24)


This was a personal 2005 v-day gift. I really wanted it to be special to us and since I call her my little anne - I wanted something to show that. I looked for 2 bases that would work for this forever and still had to position them just right so not to overlap too much. I love how anne's doll came out - the hair and dress are really cute. The pink dress however is just yuckie! I used a limited color palette and it shows. lol.

(large base by yume studio)
(small base by unique dolls)

This was a request/gift that I did for her based off a photo of her in a dress that she owns and loves. Her hair was not like this, but I wanted to add more of an asian flare to it. Not sure I like it but eh... I do like how the dress came out and how I did the fan.

(base by pixel scape)

This was done as a request after I asked keleos to be sisters. I made her a doll with a monkey and anne wanted one too - so this is what I came up with. She's cute. I like the outfit and the little hearts. The monkey is made by me.

(base by wayuki's place)

This was me messing with my base. I am not happy with this, but I wanted to make her something big and different. This is kinda the type of clothes she wears when on stage (she's a singer). And how I picture her when she's a big star. The hair is kinda cool. I hate the clothes however. I was getting lazy on the big bases. lol.

(base by me)

This was done just beacuse. She had commented on how much she liked my AVs and that my shop never had a spot open. I loved her work too so I offered to make her one for free. This is loosey based on a description of her and actually came out pretty close to what she looks like. This was the first piece of art that got us talking and started down the road of sisterhood!

(base by eden enchanted)