Just another of my character Payoe. Just wanted to test her out on a leaner, taller base. I think I like her better on the shorter, chunky styled bases but this was fun to do.

(base by hollay, edit by me)

This was done for a large group entry with macky, tia and ginkage for the 2007 fruit festival at ee. I wasn't sure I would have time to do two entries (this and the one below), but I wanted the chance to try something different since macky was looking for a group to do fantasy military. Something I've never even thought of doing. However, about a week into the process, she dropped out suddenly and only three of us were left to finish the entry. Another 2 weeks later, tia dropped out so ginkage and I were not able to enter this into the large group section anymore. However... a week before they were due redeyed stepped in and we were able to finish this with time to spare! Sometimes things just work out. All background and watermelon props by me. Pear by redeyed and papiya by ginkage. I hope it looks somewhat militaryish. I choose watermelon... the coat mostly represents that.

(base by riense, edit by me)

This was done for a 2-person entry with amythist for the fruit festival 2007 at ee. We went over a few ideas and liked the thought of being fruitflies. We also wanted a different type of fruit, so we choose an olive. I love olives and they work well with martinis! So this is me, dressed as a fruitfly... all poofy and cute. I am really happy with how this came out for being something I haven't really done before. In the group entry, amythist made the olives and I made the glass.

(base by sabraelle's garden, comeplete edit by me)

This is another sarah michelle gellar doll. I think this is my favorite so far. I like how the hair came out and the shirt came out a lot better then I thought it would - being mostly white and all. The palette for the pants was pretty, but it didn't show up as well as I wanted. She's cute though.

(base by the underground, edit by me)

This is another sarah michelle gellar doll. I don't think this came out looking like the dress she had on at all, but oh well. I like the version without the flowers, but wanted it to be close to what it really looked like. eh.

(base by the underground, edit by me)

This is another sarah michelle gellar doll. This was based off a fairly old pic of her, on the red carpet. The dress is much prettier in the photo... I didn't do it justice here.

(base by the underground, edit by me)

This is another sarah michelle gellar doll. I like how this one came out. It was based off just a bust shot of her.

(base by the underground, edit by me)

This is another sarah michelle gellar doll. This one is based on her look in the Scooby movies. I wasn't so keen on doing this one, but thought it should be in the set. I like how the boots came out.

(base by the underground, edit by me)

This is another sarah michelle gellar doll. Thought I should finish the set I had in mind to start with. It would haunt me if I didn't. I tried something new with the hair and really like it. I will have to try it again soon. The jeans came out cute as well.

(base by the underground, edit by me)

This is another sarah michelle gellar doll - my first real up-do and in doing it in this style. Which I actually like how it came out a lot, depsite the fact that it took forever to make. A lot of details and putting pixels all over, which is NOT how I normally shade. But it's a cool effect. The shirt was supposed to have a flower design cut out of it, but it looked funny and you couldn't see enough of the base/skin to tell it was a 'cut out' design. I like most of this one, the face edit is alittle scary though. ha ha.

(base by the underground, edit by me)

This is another sarah michelle gellar doll - this was the first time I tried, and worked really hard on, this new style of hair. It takes about twice as long to shade, but it uses the color palette (same as below dolls) in a better way/light. This outfit was pretty much by the book aside from the shoes which are simple, but I love. Also added the purse and did a slight face edit.

(base by the underground, edit by me)

This is another sarah michelle gellar doll - this is my least favorite one so far. The only things I kept the same were the hair and the shirt/necklace. She was wearing jeans - but that was so plain, so I gave her a jean skirt. Since it was just a bust shot, I added the shoes and a purse. The only thing I do like are the huge shoes I gave her. lol.

(base by the underground, edit by me)

This is another sarah michelle gellar doll - this one I really, really like. This one is pretty much the exact same as the outfit she wore. I changed the hair because it was really short in the photo and you couldn't see much of it, I also added the flowers to the hat, the bow to her shirt, her shoes and the arm bands.

(base by the underground, edit by me)

So these were done as the start of a series I wanted to do on sarah michelle gellar. I wanted to do outfits based off real life clothes so I thought red carpet events couldn't be better. She was wearing pants in this one, but I changed it to a skirt because that's more interesting. I also kept the same colors on the first one, but then thought it was too drab so I changed it to the pink/yellow version. I also tried a different shading style on the skirt.

(base by the underground, edit by me)

This was done for a base edit contest. I did the hair first and wanted to do a darker doll compared to the one in pink below. I did 3 different outfits (more unusual outfits) before I choose to just do a dress. I really, really like the fur in this one. I've been messing with fur lately, but this time I left the dark outline and it changed the way it looked. Plus the color palette on this was sharper. The hair came out good too in this dark color. Like the one below, I tried a shiny look to the hair, and though it takes longer for me, it looks pretty good.

The second is just a color variation I did for a for another contest that was based on the color red. However, the site owner said she never got the email so it wasn't entered. yeah right. Since I liked the doll, I just recolored it for that contest. I was being lazy, not something I normally do. But it's nice to see your stuff in other colors something too. And I edited the face on this one.

(base by hana land, edit by me)

This was for a base edit contest. I know it's cold and all, but pink is a year round thing for me so I did this. First time doing the bow and arrow props, they came out ok I guess. The wings were really cool but I did them as a prop and then added them once the hair was done, so that is why the hair is infront of the wings. eh? I like it overall - the white shading came out good and I like the use of shadows.

(base by hana land)

This was done for a color palette contest. I was also testing out a new base I made to see how it worked. I like the dress and shoes, but the hair and hair sticks were just me playing around.

(base by me)

This was done for a color palette contest. I really do not like how the skin color worked on my base, but I love the wings and the flowers. I also really like the little hearts.

The second is just a different version of the same doll so that I could use the normal skin color. Added some extra details and changed the lilly pad to a flower. I tool shaded the flower and wasn't really trying, just wanted something else.

(base by me, not released)

This had been done for a base edit contest, but I never got around to finishing it before it ended. I really love the hat and hair on this one, but the dress took me so long and I changed the shading so many times that I just gave up. I was trying out the light source shading again on this one with more folds and whatnot.

(base by sugar cream)


This was the first doll I did as an example for my own contest. It is supposed to be me in one of my favorite star's outfits. (sarah michelle gellar) I love how the shirt came out, though it's hard to see... it's all lacy and stuff.

(base by hana land)

This was done for a few different 'big hair' contests. I wanted to mess with a gradient color change (which did not work well as you can see) and doing a rather large afro. I hate that the headband looks out of place and not 'in the hair', but on it. No matter how I shaded it, I couldn't get it better.

(base by hana land)

This is ugly! lol. It had started out as a contest doll where you make a version with just the outline and then shade it, but once I was done with it I was not happy with how the hair came out. I was messing with a different style and just ended up not entering it. I like the outfit though as it was my first real try at chinese styled clothes.

(base by heart's desires fantasy)

This was done for a challege at EE where you had to use only monocrome colors in black and grey with one other color. The second one is just the color version of the same doll. I added animation. This was also my first attempt at it... small and sketchy, but a start.

(base by mimi's grotto)

This is so old. It was done for a contest where you had to make a nurse. I went the dark road and made a scary nurse. It was based off a photo I had seen once, but don't have anymore.

(base by pinkland)


This was done for a challenge at EE where you had to make a doll based off a photo they chose. I really hate the hair shading on this now, but love the shape. The tatoo on her belly took forever too at the time, but it came out ok. I like the scarf thing best.

(base by accimuttt)

I was in love with this base when it came out so I worked on it a few times. I really like the hair on this one, though I was still learning it just came out really soft and smooth looking. She's supposed to be a kinda hippy-ish doll.

(base by pinkland)

This was just for fun. Based off a halloween costume I saw once. It's supposed to be an upseide down flower for the dress and she has sticks for wings. So kinda a fall type fairy.

(base by pinkland)

This was done because I love pink. But I ended up entering it in a contest about the color pink. I like the hair, it was one of the first dolls that I got the hang of a hair shading technique for, but I hate the flowers on the sleeves. I tried a few different kinds and then gave up.

(base by pinkland)

This is SO old. It's based on an old photo of a friend when we were younger at a halloween party. I really like this one still though... I love the outfit and the hair, the feathers. It was my first for a lot and I am surprised the dress looks shiny. (kinda)

(base by swiss cheese army)