This was done for a fashion contest - the outfit is one of the designs by the contest holder. I didn't really add anything outside what her outfit had to it as I liked the design as it was. I added alittle runway of glass for her and some stars. I had a lot of fun doing this one - I tried to keep the shirt flat and the shorts puffy like in her drawing. I loved making the shoes - I just love shoes in general. I also made a face and hand edit on the base - which was so fun. I really like how this face fits the base.

(base by autumn pixels)

Meet Payoe. I was geeked to start this one. I had been wanting some characters of my own because I always see wonderful fanart done of them. However, I don't role play or write fantasy, so I have no imagination for that. However, I did know I wanted a chick with dark skin, light hair and horns. After dewelling over the idea for about a week... I came up with this. There wasn't really an outfit design in mind... I just made it up as I went... but it does hint at oriential themes. I did want fur some place as well as I picture her being a fighter and in the winter most of the time. I will be giving her a weapon of a bow... which will be much larger then she should be able to handle and very ornate and detailed... possibly metal? I made about 4 different hair designs before I really felt this was her... I still may do the other ones just to see how they look. I spent a good amount of time on the base, since this is an outline only base. I spent time on lighting it and the palette... which is very different then how I normally make them. I worked on the palettes for her as well... such as the magenta palette ramps from her skin tone to the final pink tone. The horn palette is a variation of her skin palette. The hair and clothing palette are the exact same but used different ways. I am trying to work harder on pixel work and learn, focus. I also redid the face on this from the one I did for sugaree (which was first)... I felt she needed a squinty, pissy, don't mess with me look to her. This is also the first time I have opted to NOT have the eyebrows match the hair... the skin colored eyebrows and lips just looked best. If anyone wants to draw or pixel her for me... go for it. I am up for trades if you are ok with waiting at least a couple weeks. Other tid bits... Payoe is a Celtic name/word... so that is the background she has... thus the horns and what they would imply. She does have cream colored tatoos under her one eye and over both shoulders... incase you can't see it very well.

(base by sabraelle's garden, comeplete edit by me)

This was done for the halloween ball at EE. Halloween isn't Halloween without blood and gore, yet I tried to keep it as dense as possible. I still got shit for it. So I am kinda giving up on forums for now... too many rules and bullshit ideas. Art is art for gods sake... let it be. The idea was for it to be me dressed up as a girl with a dead-like twin sister who is attached to me. I love how the hair came out on the real me... but everything else just seemed to be added on as I went. I lost interest as usual. I wanted it to be an interesting entry, instead of something lame like a fairy or princess. Anyone can do those at anytime. Blah... it bugs me.

(base by autumn pixels)

This was done as a contest entry where you had to take a character and transform it into a sailor moon themed character. I wanted to do SO many characters and I still plan to do more later. I also had way too many bases in mind for this. However, once I choose megara from hercules, I knew I HAD to use this base. I have wanted to use it for awhile now and the cartoony way was perfect for this idea. However... I had more hopes for this. It didn't come out as I wanted, but overall I like it. I wanted to stick to her color palette so I didn't really stray from that. I also wanted to keep the greek style... so this outfit is not exactly like sailor moon. I kept her collar area like her origional dress and lowered the v-belt leaving room for some loose fabric. I also kept her high bust decoration. I'm just eh about it, maybe I will do it in brighter colors later? I also edited the base abit, changed the color palette, changed some pixel work, upgraded the lips.

(base by hope cafe)

This was a contest entry over at EE for a masquerade ball. There was a murder mystery event kinda like clue, so all the memebers were invited to attend the ball (so to speak). So this is kinda me dressing up. I had no idea what to do for a dress so I went looking. This dress is actually based off a dress design I found on a site (just googled) where the owner made barbie dresses. So it was designed for barbie but works for me. The dress shape was different but the design - the red and silver, the lace, the bow around the waist - is based off that design. I added the fur and the mask of course. I also added alittle background to kinda match the scenes for the event, since I made some of those too while on staff. I am happy with the outcome.

(base by room 4 squares)

This was done extremly late as a contest example for my 'inspiried by blackeri's art'. I had wanted to do all 4, but once I was done with this one I didn't have it in me... maybe one day? I love how this came out - I spent a lot of time on it so I should. I am trying to do some face edits and get comfortable with that - so there is a small one here. Other than that I like the whole thing.

(base by hana land)
dress/sky palette
hair/terrace palette

This was the remake of the doll below. Well not the remake of that doll, but my remake of the entry I wanted to do for the halloween ball at EE. I am not happy with the outcome. I worked so hard on the outfit and especially on that damn cage only to come to the hair last and be stumped. I have never done unnatural, wild hair and I can see why - it looks like a 5 year old was playing with my mouse. All in all, I think this guy's hair lost a lot of votes for the ball. Sorry sugaree! lol. Anyways - we had wanted to do female horror movie characters *points below* but I changed my mind and chose another character from the movie 13 ghosts to match her doll. Our scroll was made by me. The background in the entry was made by sugaree. She worked her butt off on the beautiful background. *bow to her* I love it. But I hate his hair!! *pukes* (group entry)

(base by apitchou)

This had been my first attempt at my entry with sugaree for the 2005 halloween ball at EE. We choose to do real horror movie females and I was set on doing carrie because I love that movie and that writer. I did not think however how simple her design was and how much blood I would have to do. I had never done that much blood and when I was done I was not happy with the outcome. It was very simple to me, so I scrapped it and started over. However I got so much wonderful feedback on this that I probably should have stuck with it? So thank you for all the wonderful comments about the blood and whatnot. I actually tool shaded the blood over her because no other way looked even close to blood. I had really wanted to make the scroll for this animated with the bucket of blood tipping over and pouring down the scroll, but due to age limits on the forum, it was not allowed. :(

(base by apitchou)

This was a general 2005 halloween gift to everyone at EE and to you if you want it. I really wanted to do a loose oriential hair style and I tried an outlined shading on this one. I adore how the fur came out... the color palette really worked in it's favor I think. Also her boots are cute, I really like doing shoes. I also love how the base maker did the eyes and lips on the base... I love recoloring them and seeing the outcome, no matter how little it is.

(base by if looks could kill)

This was done to test out a new base by amythist at the time. I was also messing around with new shading styles - both light source shading, but 2 different styles on the shirt and pants. I really like this one other then the flower.

(base by white chocolate)

This was done as a contest entry based off characters designed by kasita. I spent awhole lot of time on this set - at the time testing out a new base by charli - so I was sad to see I didn't get any kind of award for it. But I really like redoing other's characters so this was a treat reguardless. I tried to do the hair shading closer to how kasita does hers, but I can't say it looks good at all. lol. I do love the outfits and how much detail I squeezed into them. This is one of my favs.

(base by pixel scape)

This was done for a contest where you had to make yourself a princess of something. Of course I was princess of pink! The origional was holding a wand that said 'pink', but I like this version better. The dress was inspiried from some photos I found of corset dresses online. The hair I had started on another, smaller doll and then tried to rescale it larger so it kinda messed up the pixels... but overall I like it. I adore the little crown, but the flowers look detached and unweighted.

(base by wayuki's place)

This was done for my first 2004 winter ball at EE. Unfortunately around the time the entries were being taken, the image was being saved as a .bmp on the forum (despite it still being a .gif on my server) so it was not accepted. If someone would have saved it off my site and not the forum, it would have been fine? Too bad, cause I really like this one... the dress was painstaking and the hair came out really pretty.

(base by historcial dolls)

This was done for a contest based on loish's artwork. I kinda like how this came out... the dress and hair shading could have been better but I was still learning when I did this one. I do like the hearts however.

(base by hime no sakura)

...these were examples for my shop at EE when I was doing AVs...

...these were examples for my shop at EE when I was doing AVs...

...these were examples for my shop at EE when I was doing AVs...

...these were examples for my shop at EE when I was doing AVs...

...these are a set of element AVs: air, earth, fire, water...

This was done for a challenge at EE where you had to make a doll based off some lyrics provided by the forum. They reminded me of a merry-go-round so that is what I tried to do. I really like how the dress came out... sometimes sitting bases are hard for me to put dresses/skirts on. The horse is by me and in the pixel art section.

(base by yume studio)