Leiani Base Edit Entries

Thank you all so much for your efforts! I am so pleased with all the work turned in.

1st place to kat
Amazing details, colors and props - she used the base to it's fullest. Thank you for the beautiful work!

2nd place to gabby
She animated the base to create something new and fun to watch. The addition of the props and her use of pixel shading (something new to her) made this a hard 2nd place choice.

3rd place to roni
Don't know where this artist came from, but she's already full of talent. Beautiful shading technique and grasp of folds!

Best use of pose to lina
I had this idea in mind when I made the pose and I love the outcome! Way to use an oddly posed base!

Best use of pose to sara
I love that she used this pose for someone adored and well known - it couldn't have been used better! (boob enhancements and all)

My choice to sissy-baby
I loved this pose from the start and the huge fan is a great idea for it. Love the little outfit too! (and it's pink, damn it)