Everything that is NOT adoptable will noted or not savable.
If you would like to adopt a doll... right click, save to your pc. Do not direct link!
Do not alter doll in any way, shape or from. No exception to this term.
Do not remove tag from doll. No exception to this term.
If you adopt, you are welcome to put my link near the doll or on a seperate credits page.
You can create a doll on my base only if you link back to me.
I am open to most base modifications, I would love to see what you can do.
You can remove the tag from the base only once used.
I avidly look over other dollers sites, so please do not steal my artwork.
I am at liberty to change these terms at any time. So please check back.
All material is copyright Nikki Faith unless otherwise noted.
All bases used will have a link in my links section HERE.

Any questions that I have answered here will not receive a response back if you email me that same thing. Duh, that's why it's here!

Will you make me a doll?
At this time I only make gifts for people I know. I am up for doll trades if you can catch me on a slow day!
Will you make me a website?
No, not a website, but I may be willing to design the layout or background image. This would be something I would charge for however.
Will you be my sister site?
I currently have a family of 6 now and don't plan to make it any larger. Thank you for asking, but I will not be adding to this family anytime soon and I doubt I will do sister sites anymore. If we talk - we are friends and I am good with that.
Can you link me?
I do not have a link exchange. The sites I link to are either friends, inspirations or base creators that I used.
Why isn't my site linked?
I have a HUGE issue with links. Way too many people just up and leave the pixel art community and then I have a million dead links on my site to deal with. I have moved all links to one page - the link page. If I use your base, you will get a link. That is the one promise. However, if you haven't updated your site in like a year or you have a habit to just let your site or domain expire, or it's on a free host and down issues keep happening, I won't link you. The linking goes both ways - if you want the credit of being linked, then at least have something for me to link to. I have also put DA links up to dollers who only upload to DA, but no longer have a site for pixel art. I will only do this for people who actually use their DA account however. If you have a site, I will look there first for linkage! I would also like to link for guest dolls, but this is even worse then regular links. Too many people send me a doll and then disappear. Sorry.
Can I use your dolls/bases in a contest?
Nope. Make your own.
Can I use your dolls to make a dollmaker?
No. I may one day do my own however.
Will you adopt one of my dolls?
I don't really do adoptions, there are far too many amazing dolls out there. But I do have a guest doll area for dolls created on my bases. So if you use a base of mine, send it to me. I am only putting up guest dolls that I really like, so don't be upset if yours is not posted. I can't host all the images out there, but I do save them all and keep them for myself.
Why haven't you put up the gift I made you?
Please DO NOT email or PM me about this. I find this very rude and uncalled for. I am only putting up gifts made just for me now. I will not be putting up general, gifts to all anymore. I do save and keep them, but there is no reason to host them.
Can I use your dolls/bases on my layout, for a banner, ect?
You can use my bases, but not one of MY dolls.
Will you put up a tag board?
Not at this time, sorry. I see all the mumbo jumbo that people spam in them and it would piss me off. So no thankx. Email me or sign my quest book.
What programs do you use?
I use Photoshop 7, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Image Ready.


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If you are sending in a contest entry, I need your email address, your URL (if you have one), base URL, title of contest. I usually try to email back a response so that you know I received it, so if you don't get one, then I didn't. Email me again or reach me at EE.

If you are emailing to talk, ok.
If you are emailing to be rude, f-off.

Have a nice day!! :)